Saturday, June 13, 2009

To GMO or not to GMO?

GMO = genetically modified organism

So ... here the last week or so, I've been fairly depressed. (I'm sure that part of the depression has something to do with my camera being broken. *sigh*) I've just been feeling BAD. No energy, lack of motivation, more irritable, etc. It's been really bad the last week or so.

Tonight, I'm feeling MUCH better and almost back to my normal self. I'm happier (even though I don't have my camera back and still miss it!) and have more energy. I even told my husband tonight, "Man, you know, I'm feeling SO much better!! I just feel nearly great again!!" I was just enjoying my near-normalcy again when a crazy thought struck me. Thursday, I bought more O Organics brand popcorn. Popcorn is my favorite snack. I seriously eat 1 or 2 O Organics brand bags per DAY, and have been doing so for months now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the plain O Organics popcorn - it pops up so many kernels that they literally spill out of the burstingly full bag, it tastes great, and it only has sunflower oil and sea salt in addition to organic corn kernels. YUM!! But for the last week prior to buying more O Organics brand, I was using another brand - a non-organic brand. These days, if corn doesn't SPECIFICALLY say that it's organic, then it's been genetically modified in some way. So for the last week, I've not had ANY organic popcorn, I've only been eating GMO popcorn, because that's what we had around the house and I wanted to use it up.

So I've been eating non-organic popcorn since early last week (so about 8-10 days) and I started feeling really crappy last Friday. I had THREE allergy-related migraines over a period of four days last weekend, and missed church because of them. By Monday morning I was depressed, low on energy, and just generally felt crappy. (Monday afternoon is when I had my stick-impaled-in-my-toe-incident.) I've had no energy all week and have gotten like NO housework done. Constantly tired, depresed, and frustrated. I ate my last non-organic bag up on Wednesday, and started with organic popcorn on Thursday when I bought more. By Friday night, I was feeling much better. More energy and definitely more happy.

I seriously, seriously can't believe this. It's like a night and day difference in how I feel, physically and mentally. Most of the food we buy these days is organic, or if it's not organic, it's "all natural". We don't have genetically engineered ANYTHING if we can help it. So by eating a bag or two every day of the regular popcorn for 10 straight days, I was effectively LOADING my system with chemicals, pesticides, and genetically-modified CRAP that my body just wasn't used to anymore!! A couple of days without all that going in, and I'm already feeling better. I wonder how I'll feel in a week once all the toxins are out of my system!!

WOW - even though I already knew that organic is better, now I REALLY know. Instead of just reading about it, I'm living PROOF!! Food is much better the way God intended. I really do believe that!! How cool that I was a living science experiment!!

Here's some GMO Corn Info from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine:

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Niecey said...

It's amazing. Rene and I notice a difference too, when we go back to crap for a few days. And to think we used to feel like that all were the time. Looking back now, our lives were just disorganized, we were sluggish and every day was just an uphill battle. I think too many of us gravely underestimate the impact our diet has on our emotional wellbeing.