Friday, June 05, 2009

Broken Camera


So yesterday we went out to Durango to have some more family fun. We were headed to the upstairs portion of a Mexican restaurant for dinner, and Maezie was in the stroller. Matt picked up the front half of the stroller and I picked up the back half. We carried her up the stairs like a queen, I guess. But about halfway up, the camera fell out of the bag underneath the stroller and landed on its top on the stairs. It still turned on and everything seemed to be fine, no scratches to the lens or anything. But then I tried to snap a picture, and oh no ... it wouldn't auto-focus. So I put it in manual, and when I pressed the shutter button nothing happened. Aboslutely NOTHING. No snap, no picture, no more LIFE.

I took it to a local photo shop, but since it's still under warranty I have to send it to Nikon. I talked to a Nikon guy and got all the info and am going to send it off today. He said that it usually is about 7-10 business days turnaround for fixing it. And if whatever's wrong with it isn't under warranty, then I'll have to pay for it out of pocket. Which is FINE. I just want my camera back!

So today I'm very sad. I rely on that camera for a lot - it brings me quite a bit of joy!!

In addition to a broken camera, I also have fussy children. I had a migraine last night and it has left me with that migraine hangover feeling so I'm incredibly short-tempered and just generally feel like crap. Fussy children plus no patience = bad day for everybody.

Matt works all day and won't be home until around 8pm tonight, so it's just me to put up with my two rambunctious kids.

I miss my camera. *sad*


Shanna said...

Sorry you're having a crummy day. Hope it gets better!

LOVE the new pick on your blog title!

Jenn said...

I too am having a crummy day, I won't go on here, you can read my blog if you want to know.

I send your camera wishes for a speedy recovery!