Sunday, February 25, 2007

Been a long time! Oops!

My mother reminded me that it was time to post. Holy smokes I should have done it a long time ago!! I can't for the life of me figure out how to post an image as our main photo, so I suppose posting them on the post itself will have to work! There's our little one - getting so big!

Kyleigh is a little over seven months old now. It's AMAZING how quickly she grows. She's such a sweet heart. :) She's almost always laughing and smiling and having a good time. What a blessing! We're almost scared to have another child. She's so great that surely the second one would be a holy terror!

She is almost crawling, and is starting to pull up on stuff. Baby proofing the house is something we've got to do now!
It snowed here last night, about 4 inches or so, and they're expecting more today and tonight. Oh, the joys of living in Nebraska. *sigh* It takes a few weeks to melt, and seriously, the DAY after everything finally melts, it snows again! I think there's pretty much been constant snow and ice for the last two months now. I'm tired of snow and ready for Spring already! Being from West Texas, I never thought I'd say that. But this stuff is annoying to drive on, takes forever to melt, and it's not like we're in a mountainous (or even hilly) place where we could go skiing or sledding or do anything FUN with it. Plus I'm looking forward to Spring when we can take the dogs to the park and show Kyleigh how to play outside. She'll be old enough to toddle around and explore the outside world by the time Summer gets here. How exciting!!
Poor Matt got the stomach flu the other day. Having a sick husband is terrible, but having a sick child is so much worse! And apparently, he gave it to Kyleigh because she's been throwing up all morning and hasn't kept anything down. She's sleeping now, but it certainly worries me. I'm praying that she'll get over this super quick and start being able to keep down the Pedialyte we keep shoving down her. I'm going to go and take care of her and clean up all her toys now.
I'll try and post more often ... sorry!