Monday, January 25, 2010

Update on our Family

So ... it's been eleventy-billion years since I blogged. Oops. Isn't the first time, and probably won't be the last. Sorry!

To catch up ... our family is doing well. Matt has a new job and it's going fabulously. A paycut to be sure, but so much more time at home with the family - which is so worth it. He works three long days, then has three days off. All the time. It's been such a blessing to our kids and just our family dynamic in general. As for me - I've gone crazy. Gone green, organic and vegetarian. Would like to go back to school for either photography or holistic/herbal healing, and maybe a mix of both. The kids are growing like weeds. Maezie is 20 months old, and Kyleigh is 3 1/2. It's a blast parenting them. Kyleigh is very artsy - she loves to make up songs and paint pictures. We signed her up for ballet class and she does pretty well with it. They will have their first recital on June 5 of this year. Little Maezie is our lover. She wants to be in my lap or following me around most of the time. She loves to give kisses. She's starting to talk pretty well, surprisingly, and is starting to show signs of going through the defiant "terrible two's".

We are still at Crestview SBC, and can't say enough about how much that church has blessed our lives and the lives of our children. It's been so good for me to be an essential part of the church. Our church is smaller and has needs to be filled. When you say "I'm willing" they say "we have jobs for you!" For the first time in a long time (perhaps ever) I feel NEEDED by the church body. Essential. Like I'm a foot or a hand or an important member, rather than an earring - which is pretty, but not vital to the function of the body. It's been amazing.

This is such a quick update, I realize. But I wanted to say a little something about what we're doing, then post a longer bit tomorrow about my recent studies into faith/joy/prayer ... and how I've discovered the answer to my problem in my last post. :)

Blessings all.