Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Maezie's Adventures in Eating

And by adventures, I don't mean the fun ones. At least, not fun for me!!! I remember Kyleigh putting everything in her mouth at this age, but she didn't EAT everything. Maezie EATS (like literally gums/chews and swallows) practically everything that she physically can!

The rest of this post is not going to be for the faint of heart ... errr, stomach ... so caution is advised if you want to read further!! :)

Some interesting things I've found in Maezie's diapers :
popcorn kernels
Kyleigh's stickers
sytrofoam packing peanuts
wads of paper
mardi gras beads (like 2 or 3 beads she had somehow detatched from a necklace)
a cat hairball (oh, trust me, I nearly threw up when I saw it)
a tuft of Ranger's (the dog) fur
and other various objects

But she LOVES to eat weird things. I am constantly on the watch for (and digging out of her mouth) : sidewalk chalk (her fave, I think), dirt, rocks, pebbles, sand and sticks.

But tonight topped them all. I walked into the den to find Maezie eating my silicone sticky bra. Please see this website : http://www.nu-bra.com/shop/nubra_self_adhesive-1-prd1.htm I have had one of these since our wedding in 2005. I guess Kyleigh got into the cabinet and pulled this out, and left it for Maezie to get! It's made of silicone and and I guess she probably ingested about 2-3 tablespoons of it before I found the mangled, bitten-up thing. *sigh*

Of course, I panicked. Immediately called the Poison Control Center and geeked out over the phone to the lady on the other end. She's not even phased. She says "silicone isn't very toxic
to the body, the biggest hazard is just choking. It's not toxic if ingested, she'll just poop it right out." Then she asks how the baby got silicone and I gave her the website and she's like "wow, she ATE that??" As we got off the phone she told me that I have now given her one of her strangest PCC calls and then promised me that someone would call in the morning to check up on Maezie.

FREAKOUT!!!!!! This kid eats EVERYTHING. *sigh* I'll blog tomorrow to let y'all know how it turns out.


Jenn said...

Elizabeth is like that too...but doesn't eat quite as much as Maezie does. Styrofoam is definately her favorite. So annoying...John did say that may be why she likes rice cakes!

Shanna said...

I know that you don't find this funny and understand why, but I am laughing. I sympathize, but this is sitcom material. :)

Jana Green said...

Jakob has eaten paper, wipes, rocks, wood, bugs, dog food, leaves, clothing price tags, and more I am sure I didn't know about.

Anonymous said...

i was looking at your blog and came across your childs love to eat objects other than food..this is stranger and hilarous all together...i am a nutritionist and in my world we call this PICA, sometime with children it is the courisoty but PICA is normally a vitamin deficiency within there bodies. Strange i know, sometimes it is a B vitamin that they are lacking...look into PICA...hope this may give some insight