Sunday, May 03, 2009

Random Thoughts on this Early Sunday Morning

So I researched swallowing gum since it's Kyleigh's favorite treat. (Last night she sat on her little potty for about a half hour, waiting to pee in it, so that she could get a piece of gum. She knows what she wants, and is an intense little girl, like her mother, I guess.) And it's not true that it stays in your digestive system for seven years. It's an old wives' tale. You actually just pass it right out, no problem. All the components of gum EXCEPT for the gum base are totally digestible, but the gum base will just come out on the other end in a day or two. That's nice to know, considering Kyleigh has swallowed several small pieces now. I did learn a few interesting things about gum though :
*Sorbitol, and most other sweeteners, cause diarrhea.
*Cinnamon gum (my favorite, wouldn't you know it!) frequently causes irritation to the lining of your mouth, and can even cause sores or lesions.
*There is a very rare possibility of an intestinal blockage if you swallow large amounts of gum or swallow it with other "undigestibles" like coins, sunflower seed hulls, sticks, or rocks.
*It is illegal to chew gum (without a doctor's prescription for therapeutic reasons) in Singapore. Apparently they had whole streets and walls lined with gum nearly two decades ago, due to all their citizens not disposing of their chewed gum properly. They passed a law in 1992 that made chewing gum illegal. If you are caught chewing gum (even as a tourist while visiting the country) you will be thrown in jail and fined $5500 US Dollars. Yikes.

We're visiting a friend's church today. Crestview Baptist. I'm nervous (isn't that silly?) about it. I really hope that my kiddos do well in their nursery/pre-school area. It's a small church. I talked to Samantha about it. (My 9 year old neighbor girl that has been coming to Calvary Chapel with us for a year now.) I told her that I was visiting a friend's church "because they asked me to" (true, but not the whole truth, but that's ok. She's 9!) and asked if she wanted to come with me, or if she wanted me to call CC bus to come and pick her up and go there. She said, without hesistation, that she wanted to come with me. (That made me feel good.) Anyhow, so Crestview Baptist today. Sunday School at 9:30, worship at 10:45. I sure like churches that meet later. I'm NOT a morning person. Matt's good friend Brad is the worship leader there, and his wife Becky invited us. I'll be meeting her outside the building today and she'll be showing me around. Very small church, maybe about 100 members total. Things I KNOW I'm going to like about it : some old hymns, a baptismal area in the church, weekly communion, verse-by-verse Bible teaching and friends to sit with. Things I'm nervous about : my kids not liking it, Samantha not liking it, and possibly being judged by other members. (Sometimes that happens in smaller churches - I hope it doesn't happen in this one.)

I'm learning that sometimes it takes me talking to several people before I'm able to fully step back from a situation and eye it objectively. *sigh* That being said, it's much easier to find fault with someone else's actions than it is my own, until I have taken that step back and really LOOKED. So, I'm sheepishly before the throne of God today (*again* - pretty sure I'm here a lot, with the same, "Oh man, Lord, I'm sorry") to ask for forgiveness for improper behavior and not seeing my own not-exactly-right-but-not-wholly-wrong behavior in the first place. I still stand by my previous assertion that wrongdoing has taken place and needs to be rectified, but I can at least see that I didn't handle things totally properly either. *sigh* Wouldn't you know it?

Anyhow, happy Sunday folks. Hope you all have a blessed day.


Niecey said...

I hope it all went well at church.

Thanks for the info on gum. Fascinating.

~the mccrarys~ said...

lol that's some crazy gum facts! good to know tho! i'll remember that if i'm ever in singapore!