Saturday, May 02, 2009

Popcorn in the Afternoon

So Matt has a day off today. We're just mostly relaxing today. We ran errands and went out to lunch. Then came home and everyone took a nap except for me. Maezie was the first to wake up, so I popped a bag of popcorn and she's sitting on my lap while I type this. She's sitting on my lap facing me, and I keep putting handfuls of popcorn onto her lap. She takes a few bites and then gives me a bite. A few of my bites have been a little soggy, but that's ok. Just means they're sweeter, right??

Every now and then Maezie just has to throw her head into my chest and snuggle for a few seconds. She's such a cuddlebug! :)
(Matt took over the computer before I was done posting this, so it's been a few hours now since I wrote that first part. Maezie's not in my lap anymore. Haha!)

Anyhow, enjoy the popcorn pictures!


Niecey said...

How sweet.
Mmmm soggy food. Sounds like mommy food. I love that age so much.

Jana Green said...

I like that shirt. I want to hear about your visit to that church.