Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Thoughs, Catching Up, and Moving On

So ... it is a BEAUTIFUL day outside today. 75!! Ahh! I am going to take the kids to the park. Wish Matt was here to enjoy it with me.

Speaking of Matt, he's been transferred to Cortez, Colorado. (Still working for Safeway.) It's a town about an hour and a half north of here. He's commuting every day. Except tonight he asked me to find him a hotel room in Cortez because he doesn't get off work until 8pm, and then works tomorrow morning at 7am. Coming home would be pointless tonight. Poor guy. We're hoping he gets to find a new job. If he can't find a new job by the end of May, then I guess we're moving to Colorado. He can't keep commuting like this. Sure makes his days long. I appreciate that he's willing to drive back and forth so that he can see his kids, when the easy thing to do would just be to get a hotel for the week and come home on his days off. He's such a good Daddy. And husband.

My current facebook status says this : "Laura Allison just loves her husband. You know that feeling you got when you were a kid and you had a hard day at school (or somewhere) and ran home, got into your comfy, familiar house, and had a nice snack, cup of juice, and a big hug from Mom waiting for you? Yeah. That feeling of "Ahh, everything is going to be JUST FINE and I am safe and LOVED." feeling? That's how I feel every time he walks in the door from work. :)" ... and that just about sums up how I'm feeling about him right now. He's so supportive of me, so wonderful. I just love him to pieces and am so glad that God gave him to me. He is truly my soulmate and my other half and I have no idea what I'd do without him!

Back on the subject of the park again, I wish my friend Jana lived close so that her and her son Jakob could come and go to the park with us.

So ... In light of some recent events, I guess my husband and I will be moving on, spiritually speaking. It's a really long story, but I just feel like maybe we'd be better off at a different church. I'm really, REALLY sad to say that too, because I really have loved our church and have some wonderful friends there. I'm hoping that us leaving won't rip those existing friendships apart, but I feel it's important that we worship at a place where we feel like our scripturally-based concerns can be voiced and listened to, and if need be, conduct that doesn't line up with Scripture can be modified, in love, not in judgment. We're praying about it to make sure we make the right decision, but for now - even though it's painful, that's probably what we're going to do.

I'll post some pictures later, I think. :)


Kim, Aaron, Jake and Jack said...

Sweet little Laura! :) I loved your little post today! That is great. And I am so happy that God gave you Matt, too! Not as much as you are, but ya know! ;) I hope that no matter where yall end up, that yall love it there, and I just know God will continue to bless your sweet family! I love you! Come visit soon!

Niecey said...

It's never an easy decision to leave a church. But you have to stick with what you believe is the right thing to do. You're raising your kids in this church and if it doesn't line up with your beliefs, it's just not good enough. We've prayed for you guys, I hope it all goes smoothly and God leads the way forward.

girl said...

my dad commuted back and forth to tulsa, ok for several years while we were growing up. (it's about 1 1/2-2 hours from faytown.) i know it must be hard for you guys. moving is ALWAYS a hassle too!
will they move you? is the situation at least a little better?
thadd and i have had to move congregations a few times. it is always a tough choice. but in the end what you're doing (and teaching your kids to do) has to line up with the bible... no matter how attached we are. it's been rough- but we've always been able to hold onto friendships through the changes. hang in there.

Laura said...

Yeah, they will pay for a rental truck and such if we have to move. And the situation IS a little better, in that the store in Cortez is not as difficult as this store here in Farmington has been, but it's still in the same district so under the same upper management .... so not really, no.

And we might be able to patch things up with this church yet - the pastor wants to meet with us this Saturday on Matt's day off. Confrontations are always a little nerve-wracking, but I'm sure it will be a good thing.

Jana (Varley) Green said...

That Jana person sounds like a great person. I think you should move closer so you can soak up her wonderful example of wanting to go to the park.

~the mccrarys~ said...

commuting sounds like no fun! i hope he finds a job closer so you guys dont have to move!