Thursday, April 02, 2009

Kyleigh Lately

So Kyleigh is pretty hilarious. Her vocabulary and grammar are just taking off through the roof right now. Her biggest thing to blossom lately, though, is her imagination. She has such a huge one! She likes to pretend her animals are doing things and talking to eachother, and she likes to pretend that she sees things outside that aren't really there.

Her recent thing is pretending to be someone else. She's even more interactive when she's pretending than she is when she's herself. Crazy, huh? For the last three weeks or so, she's been Minnie Mouse, Matt is Goofy, and I'm Mickey Mouse. Maezie apparently didn't get a character. (Sorry Maez!) She even talks in a Minnie Mouse voice! Of course Matt does a great Goofy voice, and I attempt Mickey. I'm not sure my impression of Mickey is very good, but Kyleigh gets absolutely delighted when Matt and I use our character's voices and play along with her. Kyleigh would be bored at the dinner table, having not touched her broccoli, and I'd muster up my best Mickey voice and say, "Hey Minnie Mouse, can you eat a bite of broccoli?" And she'd get a huge grin on her face and say in her high-pitched squeaky Minnie voice, "Yes, Mickey!" Then to our astonishment, she'd willingly take a big bite of broccoli. I can't tell you how much food I've gotten down her throat lately this way. Any food! Her attention span is short, so unless she's just STARVING, she doesn't usually eat much before she gets bored and starts playing with her food. So this Minnie Mouse thing has been fabulous! It's also easier to get Minnie Mouse (instead of just plain Kyleigh) to pick up her toys, give hugs and be sweet to Maezie. Go figure!

Yesterday, Kyleigh threw us a curveball. "Hey Minnie Mouse, want to come give Mickey a hug?" I asked. "No, Mommy, I'm not Minnie Mouse." *shock!* WHAT??? This is the child who's been Minnie Mouse for three weeks! Oh no!! What's going on?? All this ran through my head and then she continued, "I'm Rooney Doodle." BAM! In one instant, my child has gone from being an over-sized, pink polka-dotted, incredibly polite female mouse to an incredibly polite blue man (albeit a gay one) with funny hair and a great voice. (This is Rooney Doodle from the DoodleBops, y'all. If you don't know who he is, visit : )

Something to note : The show "The Doodlebops" comes on Disney channel in the mornings. But it hasn't been on since DECEMBER! So she hasn't seen them since then, but all of the sudden remembered them and wanted to BE them! I'm pretty amazed at her great memory.

So now, Kyleigh has decided she is Rooney Doodle, I'm DeeDee Doodle, and Matt is Moe Doodle. Maezie gets a character too this time, and she's Bus Driver Bob. Haha!! Tonight Kyleigh called me "Mommy Doodle" instead of Dee Dee, so maybe she's decided that I can't be Dee Dee Doodle after all. Who knows?

So, look for more upcoming adventures of the Allison, err ... Doodle family! :)

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Niecey said...

That's so sweet. Sounds a lot like my Lana.