Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maezie figured out how to clap!!

It's super cute!! She's just walking around, clapping. She's 11 months, 3 weeks old.

She can also say "uh oh", "dada", and "hold you" (but it sounds like "hose-you") and she makes the baby sign for drink.

Kyleigh is talking in fully complete thoughts now. We're working on potty-training again.

Matt is looking for another job. If he doesn't find one, we have to move to Cortez, Colorado to continue working with Safeway, which puts us even farther away from my parents. BUT - we know that God's plan is ALWAYS best, so we have asked Him to shut every door but the one He wants us going through.

I'll update with some pictures later!!

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Shanna said...

Yay for clapping!