Saturday, March 07, 2009

Chocolate Cake Calamity

So we're doing a new sleep arrangement with Maezie, started last night, which naturally meant that I got little to no sleep. Anyhow, when Matt was leaving for work this morning, I was still in bed trying to get any tiny extra bit of sleep I could. He kissed me and said, "Ky's awake, she's up watching TV." That didn't register for quite a while - I was just too groggy. When it finally did, I sprang out of bed to go looking for her, and found that she had crawled over the babygate that's supposed to keep her out of the kitchen. She had found a laundry basket and was standing on it to reach the counter so that she could get into the chocolate cake I had made the other day. While she didn't eat any of the cake, most of the frosting (also chocolate) was gone. *sigh*

I later found frosting on the walls, my laundry, and my kitchen floor.

These are some pictures of Kyleigh helping me make the chocolate cake when I made it a few days ago. Ok, so they're mostly pictures of her licking the utensils AFTER the cake was made, but anyway. :) I was too tired/irritated to take pictures of her after her illegal frosting fiasco.

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~the mccrarys~ said...

i do think she enjoyed it! haha