Thursday, October 30, 2008

Maezie at (almost) 6 months

Two days after she was born4 months

A week ago

Snuggling in Kyleigh's crib with the cat
Maezie Grace is our little sweetheart. Kyleigh was always a fairly somber baby, and Kyleigh's not really very ticklish. Maezie is just about as opposite as you can get of that! She loves to smile and be smiled at, she's very ticklish, and she laughs all the time. Kyleigh was always so independent, even at this age, but Maezie wants her one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy and if she's not getting enough she's sure to let you know!!
She's taller than Kyleigh, at least so far, and appears to have darker hair and eyebrows than Kyleigh too. We think that Maezie looks more like me but has her Daddy's darker hair, and Kyleigh looks like her Daddy but has my lighter hair. :)
She doesn't like baby food (by this age, Kyleigh was already eating all kinds of baby food!) and refuses the bottle completely. She'd rather have Mommy's milk, and that's IT! We joke that we traded a good eater (Kyleigh) for a good sleeper (Maezie). Oh well. It's amazing how every kid is so different!
Maezie loves to be held and snuggled, loves both her parents (she's very attached to Mommy, but what baby isn't at this point?) and is fairly particular about strangers holding her. She really enjoys interacting with Kyleigh and just giggles and laughs every time Kyleigh comes near her.
She's just recently learned how to really reach for toys and hold them for long periods of time. She chews on everything and drools constantly. Everyone asks if she's teething, but no, she's just always been a drooler. She's within a week or two or being able to sit up unsupported, I would guess. She lays on her back and pushes with her feet so she's kind of "scooting" around on the floor. I'm not entirely sure that she's doing it on purpose to get somewhere, I think she just enjoys the sensation.
Maezie is such a joy! She's so sweet and smiley all the time! It really makes Matt's day to come home from work and get a big smile and giggle from his little Maezie Grace.

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