Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adventures in Potty Training

So .... I've been reading up on the potty training basics. Everything I read says that Kyleigh's probably not quite ready yet, but almost everyone around me is pushing me to start potty training her. So we're trying.

I showed her with one of her baby dolls how it takes a drink and then pees in the potty, and then gave the baby a treat for peeing in the potty. (It's one of those dolls that has a hole in it's mouth and under-region and liquid goes right through them!) So we took off Kyleigh's diaper and had her sit on the potty, but she didn't pee so she didn't get a treat.

Now she's running around the house with no diaper on. Just a shirt. In the last year or so, I've never seen her pee with her diaper off, only with one ON - so I'm hoping that she'll decide to pee in the potty!! I have her little trainer potty out in the main part of the house and have a timer set to go off every ten minutes. Each time the bell dings, I have her go sit on the potty. So far nothing's happened.

I hope this works. Potty training is big stuff.

So I had Kyleigh sitting down to go every ten minutes, and she was naked. Finally after two hours of nothing, I asked her to put back on her "big girl" panties (the real cloth ones with Dora on them) instead of being naked. She put them on and promptly peed in them. Fortunately she wasn't standing on the carpet so it was easy to clean up.


She's not ready. We'll try again in another month or so.

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Gail said...

I think I agree that Kyleigh may not be ready yet but it doesn't hurt to try as long as there's no negative in it for her. Thanks for the updates on the past year. I enjoyed reading the recap. :)