Saturday, December 09, 2006

I never realized how quickly life goes by ....

I guess you never fully understand how fast time goes by until you have a kid. Kyleigh is like a living reminder of that now. I can't believe how big and strong she's getting! And I swear I was just posting something on here about a month ago, but apparently it's been about 3 1/2 months. (oops!)

Kyleigh's almost 5 months old now. It's amazing. It seems like just the other day she was smiling for the first time, and now she's playing with her toes and eating everything in sight (well, putting everything in her mouth, anyway).

She LOVES her Daddy. We apparently chose her middle name very appropriately ... Abigail = "the joy of her father". She squeals and shrieks and laughs when his face is in her line of sight. She likes me too, I suppose, but I'm not nearly as exciting as her father is. :)

I'm blessed beyond measure. (My dad always says, "Better than I deserve") Kyleigh is such a joy! She's an all around good kid, and it seems like she's always happy. Matt is so good with her. I'm pleasantly surprised at how wonderfully he took to this whole "fatherhood" thing. He is a fantastic father. He adores his daughter, and it shows. I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful partner to raise children with.

Parenthood has its definite struggles, but WOW it's certainly worth it!

Our two dogs have adjusted very easily to having the baby around. They're not jealous and they pretty much give her space. Kyleigh always seems to be interested in Ranger, but he's not really so excited about how she pulls his fur and bats at his nose, so he usually goes to find somewhere else to lay if we put her near him.

We're thinking about moving down to the Amarillo, Texas area at some point. Hopefully we can do that before Kyleigh gets too much older.

We're still working with Calvary Chapel church, and God is blessing us there. I'm working at State Farm and Matt's managing GNC. We are certainly "better than we deserve".

Better go get to some housecleaning! Ky's sleeping and Gloria's coming over tonight to watch her so that Matt and I can go do something together. I think we're going to go bowling. :)

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G'ampa C said...

Yes, it goes by so quickly.
Kiss my little grand daughter for me. I miss you all.
It won't be long until she's in school, then time REALLY starts moving.