Sunday, August 09, 2009

Just saw a girl driving by in a hummer. she was 16!!!! yikes! for one shes spoiled and for two a young kid in a car that big is begging for trouble!


Ashlee McCrary said...

haha that's crazy! she isnt even old enough to get a job to pay for the gas for that vehicle!

Drew said...

Humvees are remarkable trucks. However, driving them - or especially their illegitimate children, the H2 and H3 - around on the streets is the vehicular equivalent of shaving with a cheese grater.

When I become Overlord I'm going to institute a brutal tax on all "off-road" vehicles. In lieu of the tax, however, you may personally demonstrate that you are capable of piloting your truck over a series of reasonable obstacles. Also, these tasks must be performed while a group of drunk rednecks gives you advice/mocks you. Free license plate if you complete the course while a major component of your vehicle is held together by duct tape.