Saturday, July 25, 2009


I feel like such a slacker for not updating my blog more often. Oh well.

So I've discovered that as long as I take my daily vitamins/supplements, I do really well and stay on task and get things done and am generally a good wife/mother. If I don't take them, I'm struggling to pay attention and be patient and keep my house clean. Hmmm....

Still waiting for the job situation to get cleared up. *sigh* Pray about that, folks.

I'm beginning to hope that we get to move to the Denver area. It would be SO awesome to live close to my sister-in-law, two brothers-in-law, and three nephews!!! Don't want to live there permanently, as we want to eventually end up somewhere in between Denver and Abilene (like southeastern Colorado or north Texas or northeast New Mexico).

Maezie is cutting FOUR molars at the same time right now. Poor thing!!!

I've been trying to not use the aluminum-containing deodorants and use natural ones instead. I'm having a hard time finding one that ... works WELL. But really, the aluminum ones weren't working particularly well for me either. The women's kinds hardly work at ALL, so I was usually having to buy a men's brand. *sigh* Matt never says that he can smell me, but I can smell me. I have an unusually strong sense of smell though, sort of hound-dog-ish, so I can smell things others usually can't. I think this is a totally unfair problem to have, just FYI - a super strong nose and a stronger than normal odor. I'm using a natural brand right now, and it seems to work fine as long as I remember to reapply every 4-5 hours, which gets annoying. Ideas, anyone? I suppose it's embarrassing to admit all this. Oh well.

I'm feeling very sad for my mom, whose faithful canine companion of 10 years had to be put down on Thursday, due to severe health and pain issues. It was definitely the best thing to do for the dog, but my mom is sad. :( Wish I could be there to love on her.

Speaking of dogs, I really need to re-home my black lab. She's 7, spayed, friendly, good with kids and cats, and healthy. Anyone know of anyone??

Guess that's enough for now. Oh, and yeah, the earlier computer jibberish post came from my cell phone. Occasionally when I send an update via my cell phone, it comes out as jibberish like that. Thought it was because I was using the qwerty keypad, so I switched to using the numeric keypad and it worked just fine. Then this last time I used the numeric keypad again, and it messed up. Who knows?!?!


girl said...

as far as vites... have you ever taken blue green algae? (i take it from the klamath lake source.) it helps loads with my overall energy and majorly with my add. just a thought. i'm sure you're already taking handfuls of them. :)
deodorant: many people recommended toms when i had a similar problem a while back. i never did go to the store and get it here. (we only have like 2 health food stores on the island and none are close to my house.) i ended up spending like an hour in the store reading ALL the women's deodorants! hehe.. but i found an adidas one that doesn't have aluminum in it. although it had lots of other things i couldn't pronounce. but, it works! if you're using men's anyway (i don't blame you for balking at the man-smell) they have tons of just plain "deodorant". thadd just buys non antiperspirant and has no problem finding ones without aluminum.
the colorado area would be awesome! we'll remember ya'lls job hunt!
why are you re-homing your pup?
ps. i rarely get a mobile upload to work. some of them split into about a million different posts. (remember when that was happening?)
and if i try to do email to post it doesn't even work! blerg.

Laura said...

I take spirulina every day. A gram. Is that the same thing?? Adidas brand, huh? I'm going to have to go and look for that. Hmmm ...

Rehoming the dog ... it's a long story. I'm feeling pretty guilty about it, but truth is, with two small kids and a husband who works non-stop ... I just don't have time for a high energy dog. Our other dog is happy to lay inside with us, he's calm and gentle with the kids, we can take him on walks without a leash - that's how good of a dog he is. My lab on the other hand, is NONE of those things. She has to spend a lot of time outside because she clobbers the baby (not on purpose, just because she's not careful) and she is anxious and never sits still in the house. She sniffs for food constantly and never relaxes. She's really good at playing and fetching and walks well on the leash. But do you know how hard it is to walk a dog on a leash, push a stroller, and keep up with a 3 year old, all at once?? I think the lab would make a GREAT companion for someone who's got OLDER kids, because she's VERY good with older kids. She would be great for a single person, or a couple, or a family with older kids .... but for me, right now, it's just not working. I feel like she deserves better than I can give her, but at the same time, practically everything she does annoys me at this point, so I'm having a hard time being better to her. Does that make any sense? I know it makes me a terrible dog mom, but that's just the honest truth.

Shanna said...

Hey Laura! Another way that you can help boost your ability to stay focused and on task is to eat a breakfast that's high in protein. While I was working at Mind Games, I learned that studies have shown that our brains need protein in the morning in order to process neurotransmitters that make us feel awake and make us able to focus. Adults should have around 21 grams of protein at breakfast and lunch and reduce carbs. The problem with carbs is that it helps prepare the brain to process tryptophan, which obviously makes people sleepy. So it's good to eat carbs in the evening because it helps you sleep. Eating protein in the morning also allows your body to produce tryptophan at the right time in the day to help you sleep.

So, the study was interesting to me so I decided to give it a whirl, and it's totally true! When I eat a breakfast and lunch that are high protein, I feel more awake (way better than caffeine), have more enery, and can stay focused on whatever I'm doing. And best of all, I sleep better.

Anyhow, I'm pretty excited about this information and I like to share it with people who might appreciate it. Love you!