Thursday, December 04, 2008

Random Allison Happenings

So ... Maezie has been army crawling for about two weeks or so now, and WOW! It sure makes a difference in how much I have to pay attention to what Kyleigh is doing! We usually give Kyleigh snacks in a little plastic bowl, and she carries them around the house and eats them, or leaves them in the den in her "snack corner", or she sometimes dumps them out all over the floor. But now that Maezie is crwaling, dumping Kix all over the floor is NOT ok. Maezie has radar for Kyleigh's snacks, somehow, and crawls straight for them!

Maezie is getting pretty quick with the crawling now and can go from room to room if she wants to. I can't believe she's going to be 7 months is just a few days!!! It goes by SO fast!

Kyleigh is hilarious! Lately her new thing is putting her stuffed animals in her crib. (We're moving her up to a "big girl" bed later on this month!) When I put her in her crib for naptime or bedtime, she knows she's not supposed to come out of the crib, but she does it anyway. Usually I leave one or two stuffed animals in her crib with her. When I go in to check on her, there's usually at least one or two extras in there. Just now I went to check on her and found her asleep with ALL of her stuffed animals in her crib (we're talking 15+). She climbs out and dumps them over into her crib, then climbs back in. It's pretty funny!

Christmas decorations are up now, including the tree, and it's so nice. I really love Christmas time! My cat thinks the tinsel on the tree is just about the most fun thing ever. We have floor-length curtains and the Christmas tree is in front of the window. Apparently the lights make the tinsel reflect funny things on the curtains, because the cat has been attacking the tree through the inside of the curtain for about 45 minutes now! :)

Tomorrow I'm going to make a big post about my fabulous husband and his job, but tonight I'm too tired.

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Kim, Aaron, Jake and Jack said...

Love reading your blogs...they always crack me up! Love you!